Monday, September 10, 2012

Danka Panka: A High-End Salon And Gift Store On Court Street

Danka Panka: A High-End Salon And Gift Store On Court Street

IMG_9187IMG_9188IMG_9182IMG_9184Owner/Stylist Dan SharpIMG_9179Simon Shippey, member of Danak Panka's teamIMG_9181IMG_9178IMG_9165IMG_9163IMG_9172IMG_9168IMG_9164IMG_9176IMG_9175IMG_9177

Continuing their transformation from neglected to trendy, the Court Street blocks near Hamilton Avenue have become home to some of Carroll Gardens' best restaurants and boutiques. It is also where, exactly a year ago, stylist Dan Sharp and his wife photographer and interior decorator Dana Menussi chose to open Danka Panka, their salon/store.
The front of the store is dedicated to Menussi's collection of decorative items, tasteful clothing, and whimsical gifts.  The items are mostly hand-made and have been carefully selected from around the globe.  New items are added seasonally.
Walk towards the back and you will find yourself in Dan Sharp's high-end salon.   During his career as a hairdresser and session artist, Sharp has worked with photographers like Annie Liebovitz and Richard Avedon and celebrities like Kate Winslet, Hilary Swank, David Bowie, and Charlize Theron.
Sharp's expertise and the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of his salon have earned him a loyal following.

Danka Panka519 Court Stbetween Garnet and 9th StreetCarroll

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