Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Of Sunflower Fields And Daily Bread

Of Sunflower Fields And Daily Bread

IMG_8573IMG_8570 IMG_8574IMG_8571The Auvergne may not have fields of lavender like Provence, but the fields of sunflower are perhaps even more spectacular.  The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous here, and the sunflowers are in full bloom.  It is quite a sight, especially under a clear blue sky.
Our life here consist of going to the market, cooking, eating, taking walks and visiting friends.  Sometime soon, we will have to start working on the house, but it is easy to let the day slip by.
The most pressing concern every day seems to be: who will go down to the village to get the bread?  What kind should we get? And how many loaves?
Can you blame us?


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