Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Greeting From France, Dear Readers

Greeting From France, Dear Readers

IMG_8398IMG_8402IMG_8414IMG_8386IMG_8387IMG_8389IMG_8391IMG_8384IMG_8394First night at a Provençal Bed and Breakfast

and in Monte CarloIMG_8436IMG_8447IMG_8444IMG_8442IMG_8445Dear Readers.
No, I am not in Carroll Gardens any more.
While everyone was celebrating the 4th of July in Brooklyn, I escaped the festivities and heat to hop on a plane headed to France. As many of you know, I spend a few weeks here ever summer at an old farmhouse that has been in my family for the last 40 years.
Though the house is in the Auvergne, a beautiful volcanic region in the center of the country, I am beginning my vacation with a few days in Provence. I am currently in Monte Carlo, where the sun is shining and the Mediterranean is glistening. The place is every bit as ritzy as one can imagine and way too swanky for my taste, but is it wonderful being here.
I hope you will drop by often, as I will post on my travels and adventure often.  But I will occasionally post about Brooklyn as well. So if you have a tip or a photo about Carroll Gardens, I would be more than thankful if you send it my way. Because Brooklyn is never very far from my mind.

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