Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Market Day In Issoire

Market Day In Issoire

IMG_8600IMG_8587IMG_8607IMG_8602IMG_8580IMG_8581IMG_8590IMG_8592IMG_8584IMG_8583IMG_8589IMG_8608IMG_8598IMG_8580IMG_8605IMG_8606IMG_8603One of the greatest pleasures of spending time in France is the weekly visit to the market.  One of my favorite is in Issoire, a beautiful little town, whose past goes back to Roman times.
On market day, vendors put up their stalls along the winding roads that lead through the old part of town and display their products.
Though prices in France can sometimes seem astronomical, especially given the unfavorable exchange rate, I always found that food prices are still rather reasonable here. And the quality is simply amazing.  I think the French are just more demanding when it comes to produce and would not hesitate to complain come next market day if their melons or their tomatoes were flavorless.

Our baskets full of sausages, bread and cheese, we headed back to our village on top of the hill and proceeded to have a nice lunch.  Followed by a nice rest.  The neighbor's cat, Caramel, obviously though that was a great idea.


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