Monday, December 17, 2012

In PMFA's Mailbox: Stockpiling Mail

In PMFA's Mailbox: Stockpiling Mail

A Carroll Gardens reader contacted me to find out if others in the neighborhood have had trouble receiving their mail in the last few weeks. She writes:
"There was a lot of talk at our book club about the mail problems post-Sandy. We are not getting a good deal of our mail, especially magazines. And a number of us have had problems mailing out checks but the recipients still not receiving them weeks later.What's up with the post office? Where are they stockpiling all this mail?   Should we be hand delivering our Christmas cards?"The Red Hook post office at 615 Clinton Street was closed for a while after the storm, which certainly delayed some mail delivery.

I have been trying to contact the post office to make sure that they are back to normal, but have only gotten a busy signal.

Has anyone else had issues with mail delivery lately?

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