Monday, August 13, 2012

Market Day In Ambert, Auvergne

Market Day In Ambert, Auvergne

IMG_8658IMG_8656IMG_8683IMG_8670IMG_8668IMG_8654IMG_8655IMG_8664IMG_8663IMG_8660IMG_8661IMG_8672IMG_8674IMG_8673IMG_8676IMG_8675IMG_8681IMG_8680IMG_8677IMG_8678As you may have gathered, food becomes very important during our stays in the Auvergne.  Perhaps it is the fact that our house is deep in the countryside and that we have to drive a bit to get to the nearest store, or because, as you can see, the selection is so overwhelming.  Just take a look at the cheese.  can you blame us for planning our menu first thing after we get up in the morning?
Shopping at the weekly market in Ambert, a pretty little town about half an hour away from our village, is always a pleasure.  It's every Thursday morning, come rain or shine.
What can I say?  The French know how to live....

On market days, (and on most other days as well), we build a wood fire at night and feast.

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