Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back To Brooklyn By Way Of Paris And Düsseldorf

Back To Brooklyn By Way Of Paris And Düsseldorf

IMG_8886After almost seven weeks, it was time to leave our small village in the Auvergne to come home to Brooklyn.  It had been a wonderful vacation, full of sun, new encounters, and new discoveries. 
The last few days passed way too quickly. There was just so much to do.  And as if to make leaving even more difficult, a warm wind from the South brought blue skies and high temperatures.
IMG_5295I won't lie, saying good-bye was hard.  "We will be back in ten months," we promised.  "Have a great fall and winter. And stay in good health."  A last wave to Michel, Claudine, Marinette, René and our other neighbors, and a special farewell to our little friend Evans...IMG_8903...and we were off to Paris.
But before getting back to New York, we had one more day in Düsseldorf, Germany.
IMG_8924The stop-over made the transition to city life just a bit easier.

So, here we are back in New York, ready to get back to work and to life in Carroll Gardens.
Give me just a few days to make my way through the pile of mail that was waiting for me, to restock the fridge and to start weeding my garden, and I will be posting about the neighborhood again.

Hope your summer has been a good one as well.

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