Friday, November 9, 2012

Best Comment Of The Day: Even NY State Favors "Non‐Structural Solutions" For Coastal Areas

Best Comment Of The Day: Even NY State Favors "Non‐Structural Solutions" For Coastal Areas

Marlene has left the following comment on your post "Adapting To New Realities In Red Hook And Gowanus As We Move Forward Post-Hurricane Sandy"
Just don't understand the "narrow minded" notion that we should develop at the waters's edge at any cost. The current wave of coastal development is not based on any open market notion.
Page 43 of the 2010 NYS Sea Level Sea Level Rise Task Force has this to say on the matter:
Risk in coastal areas is also increasing due to decisions that favor coastal development at the local level. Local governments are at the front lines of decision making about regulation, taxation, zoning and development decisions in New York State’s 315 coastal cities, towns and villages. . . . . They decide how close landowners can build to the water, enforce building codes and permit development projects. In most communities, these decisions are made in isolation. . . . . In addition, many local leaders have little knowledge of the risks posed by sea level rise and continue to permit new development in high‐risk coastal areas.
Local political pressures generally favor economic growth. New residential development is the primary means to raise revenue for these governments through assessment of real property taxes. . . . . This situation presents a serious obstacle to dealing with climate change impacts locally.

That report favors "non‐structural solutions" for coastal areas on NY State. The Gowanus is just such an area.Non‐structural solutions, means not building structures.

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