Monday, October 22, 2012

Friends Of Carroll Park Work Hard During "It's My Park Day"

Friends Of Carroll Park Work Hard During "It's My Park Day"

IMG_0007Compost and mulch piles for It's My Park Day
Volunteer Paul Blutter...
spreading compost in the President Street border
Volunteer Max Kelly
Carroll Gardener Heather also pitched in
Max Kelly and Gary Dolan, President of Friends Of Carroll Park
Long-time volunteer Sara Webber
Friends Of Carroll Park members Bruce McDonald and Sarah Sterling 
Sarah with her daughter Georgia...
keeping the kids busy at the arts-and-crafts table
Some of the painted pet rocks

Saturday was It's My Park Day and as usual, Friends Of Carroll Park took part in the event by scheduling a clean-up. There was much to be done. Compost and mulch needed to be spread around the planting areas, weeds needed to be pulled and leaves had to be picked up.Little Carroll Gardeners contributed with shovels and buckets and got an opportunity to paint their very own pet rock.It was great spending the day outdoors and giving back to the community.
Unfortunately, as usual, the same few volunteers do all the work. It would be great for some of the younger parents in the neighborhood to pitch in as well. How about it, everyone? After all, there were many of you in the park and you didn't look too busy.

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